Frequently asked questions

I need information on pricing. How much do your services cost?

Pricing is custom based on the scope of the project and your needs. For ongoing services (like content creation), a monthly flat rate invoice fee is automatically charged to your account. For one time projects, a 50% deposit is required at the time of signing, and the remaining balance due upon deliverable. For an estimate on your project, please contact us with your budget at

What is social media management or content creation? How does it work?

We currently provide brands with content currently for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest only. Content creation: We do only the content creation portion of social media (shooting photos, editing, creating graphics etc) and let you manage captions, hashtags, analytics etc. Best for brands or businesses that already have an established aesthetic/brand identity and are fairly consistent with posting, but lack the time to create quality content on a daily basis. Ask about pricing and packages. Social media management: We management your entire account from re-writing your profile to creating, scheduling, promoting, and tracking your content online. Best for brands starting from scratch or new companies. Ask about pricing and packages.

What is creative direction? How does it work?

Creative direction and brand styling can be used as an add-on consulting service for product photography, lookbook shoot, pop-up store, brand event or more. We work alongside with your photographer/team, models etc to collaborate on the project by coming up with creative concepts and ideas, then ensuring they remain on-brand. Of course, if you book us to manage the entire project, creative direction is included. But if you have a smaller budget, you can hire your own team and book us to be on set to create/execute the vision.

Do you have affordable services for brands just starting out?

Yes! Our Studio shop features pre-made logos, stock photo packages, and editable graphics from under $100 each (average price starting between $30-$55). Available on our website soon, in the meantime follow us on Instagram to purchase.

How does logo/brand identity work?

In our custom packages, we typically design a logo as well as a brand identity. A brand identity is the entire "look and feel" (color palettes, graphics, fonts, words, or "vibe" that represent your entire brand, what is stands for, and what seperates you from everyone else. Creating an identity (not just a logo) is important because it gives you and your team the tools to manage your brand visually and keep it consistent once the project is over. It also communicates who you are to clients and customers in a variety of different ways. (For instance, Apple's brand isn't just about their iconic apple logo, its also about futurism, simple design, sleekness, thinking differently etc). In terms of deliverables (what you get in the package) clients typically receive: - A primary logo in a high res vector/png file they can use on your own for any future projects. - A business card design (front and back) - An alternative logo (an abbreviated or variation of the primary logo for brand materials where the primary logo does not fit/isn't necessary, such as social media etc) - A brand board with a guide to your identity as well as exact fonts, colors, graphic files etc that can be used on your own. - Optional brand item like a brochure, menu design, price menu, lookbook/catalogue design, media kit etc. We start with a detailed questionnaire where we ask questions about your brand or company to get in an in-depth understanding of your vision, pain points, target market, and sales goals. From there, we move to a visual stylescapes/mood board where you are presented with (and approve) the creative direction of the logo/brand identity. We then create 3-4 versions and continue with collaborative revisions until we have a final product! Please contact us at for specific pricing information.

Do you design websites?

In generally, we typically only design websites for clients who go through the full identity branding process with us, not design websites by themselves. These will be semi-custom websites on platforms like Wix, Squarespace, ShowIt, and Shopify that will be easy to use and update when on your own!