Multi-purpose workbook creator template for Canva - perfect for creating workshop handbooks, online course workbooks, webinar action guides, challenges, social media guides, assessment opt-in freebies, resource libraries, lead magnets and much more. Includes 48 professionally-designed, versatile pages in US Letter format. All fonts, colors, text, photos, and elements are customizable. Choose from multiple page variations, duplicate and rearrange pages to create endless workbook layouts. Direct email support available if you run into technical issues. New to Canva? Easy video tutorial links included in packet.


Created with CANVA users in mind, this workbook template will help you:


1) Save hours on creating these materials for your students, clients, and followers by using Canva's easy drag and drop features and get back to your genius zone.


2) Attract a high-end audience with branded, professional-looking digital materials if you lack graphic design skills. Your students/clients will be excited and more motivated to go through your program!


3) Have an all-in-one solution for everything you need to attract and serve your audience (coursebooks, freebies, opt-ins, lead magnets, a services and pricing guide for yourself, the possibilities are endless!


Template Packet Includes:


*Video tutorial links if you're new to Canva

1 Coursebook cover page

1 Copywright notice page

1 Welcome page

2 Table of Contents option pages

2 Module chapter name pages

4 Module body copy pages

1 Resource list page

4 Q&A pages

1 Multiple choice pages

1 Checklist page

1 Cheatsheet page

1 Testimonials page

1 Success story page

1 Inspirational quote page

1 Guide page

1 Pros and cons/comparison page

1 Action list page

1 Three step process page

1 Six step process page

1 Daily planner page

1 Weekly planner page

1 Monthly planner page

1 Yearly planner page

1 30 Day action plan

1 Software guide page

1 Funnel diagram page

1 Life goals page

1 Venn diagram page

1 Business model page

1 Genius zone page

1 Pricing list page

1 Action priority page

1 Flow chart page

1 Image checklist page

1 Six feature item page

1 Assesment page

1 Habit tracker page

1 To-Do list page

1 Thank you page

1 Notes page



Canva Coursebook Template For Coaches,Consultants, and Course Creators

  • Pages: 48 total pages

    Size: 6.7MB

    Format: Canva PDF, but can be exported in JPEG and PNG