Workspace Refresh Part I

I've long since realized that a workspace environment is oh-so critical to my productivity and mood. Even the smallest things, like a great piece of art or a beautiful flower can be what makes me excited to get up and work on projects even when I'm a bit less than inspired. (Kind of like the thing everyone says about buying cute workout clothes to motivate yourself to workout.)

Sticking to an all white/black/gold color palette, I ended up getting a new desk, chair, and tons of office accessories. Most of all, I wanted to tackle the blank wall in front of my desk with some appealing decor. Namely, this sleek photo moodboard from Targè where I plan to clip all the pretty references for upcoming projects, or just whatever is inspiring me at the moment.

I've also chosen some minimalist line art to frame next to a black and white photo from a Naomi Campbell editorial (you know, because 90s supermodel glam)

So far it's just a preview, as I'm still working out the styling kinks, but a full reveal is to follow!


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