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Style: Modern zen with an artisanal vibe.

For this design, I went for a hip, minimal, yet calming look using neutral tones, natural textures, and contemporary lines.

In the lobby I wanted the cafe bar, sitting area, and front desks to have a logical flow with enough clearence for entry/exit of all doors. The reception desks are positioned to form a circle so staff members never have their backs to patrons. It also features racks and tables to display retail items. It was important to maintain a sense of airiness and connectivity throughout the space with large windows that look into each yoga room. Individual rooms were designed very minimally to represent an "empty mind" so patrons can relax without any visual distraction.


Adjoined to each yoga room is a staff/utility room for laundry, meals, and lounging. The marble inside the archways match the cafe bar, tying this area back to the lobby space. The organic curves, stone walls, and bean bag add cohesion.

Behind the beautifully textured doors is the locker room, which houses sleek black lockers with gold hardware for a modern touch paired with statement floor tiles. This modern/earthy mix is carried into the bathroom, with open shelf vanities for complimentary guest toiletries. The black tinted shower and bathroom stalls provide privacy, but would still allow some shadow to show through. This was a far more functional alternative to traditional stalls, by allowing patrons to see which were occupied without knocking and looking underneath.

Zen Yoga Studio

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